CB-32 Rotary Lock Type Cover Car Cooler And Warmer Wholesale
  • CB-32 Rotary Lock Type Cover Car Cooler And Warmer

CB-32 Rotary Lock Type Cover Car Cooler And Warmer

1. Large capacity (effective volume 32L) single DC pure vehicle-mounted portable hot and cold box with sleek appearance;
2. Double cover design, the cover adopts rotating lock type, which is more independent style;
3. Air cooling mode conducts cooling, making the temperature inside the box more uniform and stable.
  • CB-32 Rotary Lock Type Cover Car Cooler And Warmer

Product Parameters


32 litres

Input voltage

12V DC

Power rating


Cooling performance

15-18°C below the ambient temperature(25°C)




Full foam insulation in CFC-free polyurethane foam

Product size


Gift box size






About Tingwei

Focus on the design and production of electronic refrigerators, wine cabinets, heating and cooling boxes for automobiles, residential, medical and other applications.

Ningbo Tingwei Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is China ODM CB-32 Rotary Lock Type Cover Car Cooler And Warmer suppliers and CB-32 Rotary Lock Type Cover Car Cooler And Warmer company. We are the cooler manufacturer in China with our own mould-making and design department, which allows us to enjoy the advantages and convenience of new product development. Thanks to 18 years of conscientious work, Tingwei has become a business with total investment of CNY 90 million, fixed assets of CNY 260 million and annual capacity of 1 million coolers and fridges. There are more than 300 skilled workers in our company, of whom have been there for more than five years. The company has 16 designers, 6 senior engineers, with strong research and development capabilities. And the 25 members of the QC team are our firewall against any disqualified products. We have always implemented the standard strictly and have passed the third party audit of ISO/TS 16949 and BSCI. The products have CE, RoHS, PAHS, LFGB, ERP test reports and certifications.

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Industry Knowledge Extension
What safety features does the Rotary Lock Type Cover Car Cooler And Warmer have?
The Rotary Lock Type Cover Car Cooler And Warmer is designed and manufactured with great emphasis on safety and performance. Here are some of its security features:
1. Twist-lock lid: The lid of this cooler adopts a twist-lock design, which ensures that the lid locks securely to prevent accidental opening. This design can also increase the sealing of the cover and prevent the loss of hot and cold air.
2. Anti-slip pads: There are four anti-slip pads designed on the bottom of the box to ensure that the cooler remains stable and prevents sliding during vehicle driving. This prevents the cooler from moving or tipping over while driving, thus reducing the risk of an accident.
3. Temperature control system: This cooler is equipped with an advanced temperature control system that can monitor and adjust the internal temperature in real time. If the temperature exceeds the preset range, the system will automatically adjust its working status to maintain a constant temperature. This design prevents overheating or coldness, keeping food and drinks safe.
4. Overheating Protection: This cooler also features overheating protection. If the internal temperature is too high, the system will automatically shut down to prevent accidents such as overheating and fire.
5. Leak-proof design: This cooler adopts a double-layer insulation design, which can effectively prevent external heat from entering, thereby maintaining a low temperature inside. This design also prevents condensation from forming and the effects of humidity on food and drinks. In addition, the bottom of the box is also designed with a drainage hole to facilitate user cleaning and drainage.
6. Environmentally friendly materials: This cooler is made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, does not contain harmful substances, and will not cause harm to users and the environment. The material also effectively resists UV rays and chemicals, extending the product's service life.
7. Removable partition and fixed rack: The interior of this cooler is designed with a removable partition and some fixed racks that can secure bottles and other items to prevent them from rolling while the vehicle is driving. This design reduces the risk of accidents and protects food and drink safety.
8. Multiple safety certifications: This cooler has passed multiple safety certifications, including CE, RoHS and FCC. These certifications can ensure the safety performance and quality standards of products, allowing users to use them with greater confidence.
The Rotary Lock Type Cover Car Cooler And Warmer is designed and manufactured with great emphasis on safety and performance. Its multiple security features can protect the safety of users and the environment, allowing users to feel more at ease during use. It is an ideal choice whether traveling in a vehicle or during outdoor activities.