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  • YCF-40  Car Compressor Refrigerator

    YCF-40 Car Compressor Refrigerator

    Description:YCF-40 Car Compressor Refrigerators are similar to household refrigerators. They are refrigerated by compressor power. They have fast and powerful refrigeration. The refrigeration can reac...

    YCF-55 Convenient Travel Car Compressor Refrigerator

    YCF-55 Convenient Travel Car Compressor Refrigerator

    Description:The YCF-55 Car Compressor Refrigerator can be used in cars or at home through a power converter. It is an extension and supplement to home refrigerators. It is characterized by being porta...

    YCF-75 Large Capacity Compressor Refrigerator

    YCF-75 Large Capacity Compressor Refrigerator

    Description:The YCF-75 large capacity compressor refrigerator has an efficient cooling capacity and it is equipped with a compressor cooling system that ensures temperature control under various envir...

Compressor car refrigerator is similar to a household refrigerator. All through the compressor power refrigeration is fast and strong and can reach -18°C to make ice and used for preservation. It can also be large or small in volume, and it is segmented for temperature control and is not prone to damage, which is a mainstream direction for future development of car refrigerators.

The compressor car refrigerator can be used in the car or at home through the power converter, which is an extension and supplement of the home refrigerator. It is characterized by portable and mobile, and it is also a car that is more suitable for self-driving use.

Compressor refrigeration principle: through mechanical compression (compressor), convection heat transfer (condenser), and throttling pressure reduction (capillary) to get liquid refrigerant, liquid refrigerant in the refrigerator box evaporates into gas (evaporator), through the phase change to take away the heat in the box, so as to achieve the refrigeration effect; Finally, the gaseous refrigerant returns to the compressor; Repeat the above process, the refrigeration system can continuously transfer the heat inside the box to the outside of the box, so as to achieve the effect of refrigeration.

Refrigeration capacity: The refrigeration can reach -20 °C and can form a temperature difference of about 40 °C with the environment, and also can be cooled to 0 °C in 30 minutes. The cooling power is generally 35~55W. It has the advantage of fast cooling, large capacity and good quality, with the disadvantage of a higher price. For high refrigeration requirements with more items to carry, choose a compressor car refrigerator.

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Ningbo Tingwei Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is an China OEM Compressor Coolerbox Manufacturer and ODM Compressor Fridge Factory. We are the cooler manufacturer in China with our own mould-making and design department, which allows us to enjoy the advantages and convenience of new product development. Thanks to 18 years of conscientious work, Tingwei has become a business with total investment of CNY 90 million, fixed assets of CNY 260 million and annual capacity of 1 million coolers and fridges. There are more than 300 skilled workers in our company, of whom have been there for more than five years. The company has 16 designers, 6 senior engineers, with strong research and development capabilities. And the 25 members of the QC team are our firewall against any disqualified products. We have always implemented the standard strictly and have passed the third party audit of ISO/TS 16949 and BSCI. The products have CE, RoHS, PAHS, LFGB, ERP test reports and certifications.

Compressor Fridge Industry knowledge
How do compressor fridge perform at different ambient temperatures?
The performance of a compressor fridge will be affected at different ambient temperatures because the ambient temperature directly affects the operating efficiency and performance of the refrigeration system inside the refrigerator. The following is the performance and countermeasures of compressor fridge under different ambient temperatures:
1. In low temperature environment:
Decreased refrigeration effect: In low-temperature environments, the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator will be affected because the refrigeration system needs to work at a lower temperature and the efficiency of the compressor will decrease.
Frosting problem: In low-temperature environments, frosting is prone to occur inside the refrigerator, causing frost to form on the evaporator surface, reducing the cooling effect, and may even affect the normal operation of the fridge.
Increased energy consumption: In order to maintain the set temperature, the refrigerator needs to consume more energy to fight against the external low-temperature environment, thus increasing energy consumption.
Solution: When using the refrigerator in a low-temperature environment, the frost should be removed regularly to ensure that the evaporator surface is clean, and the indoor temperature set value of the refrigerator should be increased to reduce energy consumption.
2. In high temperature environment:
Decreased cooling effect: In high-temperature environments, the cooling effect of a compressor fridge may decrease because the refrigeration system requires more energy to reduce the internal temperature.
Increased energy consumption: In order to maintain the set temperature, the refrigerator needs to consume more energy to resist the external high temperature environment, thus increasing energy consumption.
Increased compressor load: In a high-temperature environment, the compressor needs to bear a greater load, work harder, easily generate noise, and may affect the life of the compressor.
Solution: When using the refrigerator in a high-temperature environment, keep the area around the refrigerator well ventilated, avoid direct sunlight, and clean the condenser and fan regularly to ensure good heat dissipation.
3. In medium temperature environment:
Better cooling effect: In moderate temperature environments, compressor fridges have better cooling effects because the refrigeration system can operate more efficiently.

What factors affect the cooling capacity of compressor fridge?
The cooling capacity of a compressor fridge refers to its ability to reduce the internal temperature of the refrigerator to the set temperature within a certain period of time. This ability is affected by a variety of factors, including compressor performance, fridge selection, insulation materials, ambient temperature, refrigeration system design, etc.
1. Compressor performance: The compressor is the core component of the refrigerator fridge system, and its performance directly affects the refrigeration efficiency. An efficient compressor can compress the fridge into high-pressure and high-temperature gas faster, thereby accelerating the refrigeration process and improving refrigeration capacity.
2. Refrigerant selection: The selection of refrigerant has an important impact on the cooling capacity of the refrigerator. Some advanced refrigerants have higher refrigeration efficiency and lower environmental impact, enabling lower temperatures and increased refrigeration capacity in a shorter period of time.
3. Insulation materials and sealing properties: Good insulation materials and sealing properties can reduce the heat exchange between the inside and outside of the refrigerator, which is beneficial to maintaining a stable internal temperature and improving the refrigeration capacity.
4. Temperature control system: The advanced temperature control system can ensure that the temperature inside the refrigerator is always stable. Stable temperatures help increase cooling capacity, allowing the refrigerator to reach and maintain the set temperature faster.
5. Ambient temperature: Ambient temperature is one of the important factors affecting the cooling capacity of the refrigerator. In a high-temperature environment, the refrigerator needs to consume more energy to reduce the internal temperature, so the cooling capacity will be affected to a certain extent.
6. Refrigeration system design: The design of the refrigeration system will also affect the cooling capacity of the refrigerator. Some advanced refrigeration system designs can effectively improve refrigeration efficiency and accelerate the reduction of the internal temperature of the refrigerator.