CB-08X Reliable Refrigeration Car Cooler and Warmer Wholesale
  • CB-08X Reliable Refrigeration Car Cooler and Warmer

CB-08X Reliable Refrigeration Car Cooler and Warmer

Reliable refrigeration up to 18°C below ambient temperature. Additional heating function (up to 65°C).12V DC, 46W(for cool), 38W (for hot).
  • CB-08X Reliable Refrigeration Car Cooler and Warmer

Product Parameters


8 litres



Power rating


Cooling performance

18-20°C below the ambient temperature(25°C)




Full foam insulation in CFC-free polyurethane foam

Product size


Gift box size






About Tingwei

Focus on the design and production of electronic refrigerators, wine cabinets, heating and cooling boxes for automobiles, residential, medical and other applications.

Ningbo Tingwei Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is China ODM CB-08X Reliable Refrigeration Car Cooler and Warmer suppliers and CB-08X Reliable Refrigeration Car Cooler and Warmer company. We are the cooler manufacturer in China with our own mould-making and design department, which allows us to enjoy the advantages and convenience of new product development. Thanks to 18 years of conscientious work, Tingwei has become a business with total investment of CNY 90 million, fixed assets of CNY 260 million and annual capacity of 1 million coolers and fridges. There are more than 300 skilled workers in our company, of whom have been there for more than five years. The company has 16 designers, 6 senior engineers, with strong research and development capabilities. And the 25 members of the QC team are our firewall against any disqualified products. We have always implemented the standard strictly and have passed the third party audit of ISO/TS 16949 and BSCI. The products have CE, RoHS, PAHS, LFGB, ERP test reports and certifications.

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Industry Knowledge Extension
How to tell if the Reliable Refrigeration Car Cooler and Warmer is suitable for long-distance driving?
To determine whether the Reliable Refrigeration Car Cooler and Warmer is suitable for long-distance driving, you need to consider several factors to ensure the device's performance and reliability during long journeys. Here are some suggestions and considerations to help you evaluate whether your Car Cooler and Warmer is suitable for long-distance driving.
1. Vehicle type and size: First, you need to determine whether the Car Cooler and Warmer matches your vehicle type and size. For long distance driving, you need a device that is powerful enough to handle your needs throughout the journey. Make sure the equipment you choose is compatible with your vehicle and can be installed easily.
2. Cooling and heating capabilities: During long-distance driving, cooling and heating capabilities are crucial. Choose a Car Cooler and Warmer with sufficient capabilities to ensure that the interior of your vehicle always maintains a comfortable temperature in different climate and temperature conditions. Review the unit's specifications to learn about its cooling and heating capabilities and compare them with other similar products.
3. Energy efficiency: Driving long distances means equipment needs to run for long periods of time. Choose an energy-efficient Car Cooler and Warmer to reduce fuel consumption and running costs. The more energy efficient the device is, the less energy it consumes during operation, helping to reduce the overall cost of driving long distances.
4. Reliability and durability: During long-distance driving, the reliability and durability of equipment are crucial. Choose a Car Cooler and Warmer from a well-known brand with a good reputation. Read user reviews and professional reviews to see how your device performs in terms of reliability and durability. Also, make sure the equipment you choose has an appropriate warranty so that it can be promptly repaired or replaced if something goes wrong.
5. Maintenance and cleaning: During long-distance driving, regular maintenance and cleaning of the Car Cooler and Warmer is crucial. Choose a unit that is easy to maintain and clean to ensure it continues to operate efficiently. Understand the maintenance requirements and cleaning procedures for your equipment and make sure you can easily complete these tasks during long road trips.
6. Extras: Evaluate the Car Cooler and Warmer's extras to determine if they're right for your long-distance driving needs. For example, some devices may have power-saving modes, timers, or remote control features that can be very helpful during long trips. Make sure the device you choose has any additional features you may need.
7. Budget and price: Budget and price are also an important factor when choosing a Car Cooler and Warmer. Make sure the equipment you choose falls within your budget and that its performance and reliability match its price. At the same time, consider the operating costs of the equipment, including energy consumption and maintenance fees.
8. Installation and Compatibility: Finally, make sure the chosen Car Cooler and Warmer is easy to install and compatible with your vehicle. Choose a device that can be easily installed on your vehicle and make sure its installation does not affect the vehicle's performance or safety.
When choosing a Reliable Refrigeration Car Cooler and Warmer for long-distance driving, there are several factors to consider, including equipment type, performance, energy efficiency, reliability, maintenance requirements, additional features, budget and installation compatibility. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can ensure you choose the right Car Cooler and Warmer for your long drive, thereby increasing your travel comfort and convenience.