Thermoelectric Coolerbox with removable storage drawer Wholesale
  • Thermoelectric Coolerbox with removable storage drawer
  • Thermoelectric Coolerbox with removable storage drawer

Thermoelectric Coolerbox with removable storage drawer

Thermoelectric refrigeration is up to 21°C below the ambient temperature in 2 hours. It is fan-free, completely noise-free, and designed for hospitals and bedrooms. It is also equipped with a portable handle for easy carrying. The cooler has a capacity of 21 liters and a removable storage drawer inside. It also has a safe magnetic lock and electronic thermostat built-in.
  • Thermoelectric Coolerbox with removable storage drawer
  • Thermoelectric Coolerbox with removable storage drawer

Product Parameters


21 litres

Input voltage

100-110V, 220-240V AC

Power rating


Cooling performance

Up to 21C below the ambient temperature(25°C)




Full foam insulation in CFC-free polyurethane foam

Product size


Carton Dimension






About Tingwei

Focus on the design and production of electronic refrigerators, wine cabinets, heating and cooling boxes for automobiles, residential, medical and other applications.

Ningbo Tingwei Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is China ODM Thermoelectric Coolerbox with removable storage drawer suppliers and Thermoelectric Coolerbox with removable storage drawer company. We are the cooler manufacturer in China with our own mould-making and design department, which allows us to enjoy the advantages and convenience of new product development. Thanks to 18 years of conscientious work, Tingwei has become a business with total investment of CNY 90 million, fixed assets of CNY 260 million and annual capacity of 1 million coolers and fridges. There are more than 300 skilled workers in our company, of whom have been there for more than five years. The company has 16 designers, 6 senior engineers, with strong research and development capabilities. And the 25 members of the QC team are our firewall against any disqualified products. We have always implemented the standard strictly and have passed the third party audit of ISO/TS 16949 and BSCI. The products have CE, RoHS, PAHS, LFGB, ERP test reports and certifications.

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Industry Knowledge Extension
What is the cooling effect of Thermoelectric Coolerbox with Removable Storage Drawer?
With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people's quality of life, the demand for refrigeration equipment has become increasingly diverse. Among them, the Thermoelectric Coolerbox with Removable Storage Drawer (TEC box for short) is gradually favored by consumers for its unique cold storage effect and user-friendly design.
First, we need to clarify the evaluation criteria for cold storage effect. Generally speaking, the cold storage effect mainly depends on the cooling capacity, thermal insulation performance and temperature stability of the equipment. TEC boxes perform well in these aspects.
In terms of cooling capacity, the TEC box uses advanced thermoelectric refrigeration technology to achieve rapid cooling through the thermoelectric effect. Compared with traditional compressor refrigeration methods, thermoelectric refrigeration technology does not require the use of refrigerant, avoiding the risk of refrigerant leakage and environmental pollution. At the same time, because the working principle of the thermoelectric refrigerator is to directly generate a temperature difference through electric current, the cooling speed is faster and the set temperature can be reached in a short time. This gives TEC boxes a significant advantage when storing food or beverages that require rapid cooling.
In terms of thermal insulation performance, the TEC box uses high-quality thermal insulation materials and a tight sealing design to effectively reduce the leakage of cold air. This design enables the TEC box to maintain good thermal insulation effect and extend the freshness of food even if the power is cut off or the external environment changes. In addition, the thermal insulation performance of the TEC box is also reflected in its good thermal insulation performance, which can effectively prevent external heat from affecting the temperature inside the box even in high temperature environments.
In terms of temperature stability, the TEC box is equipped with a precise temperature control system. Users can set the temperature of the refrigerator compartment as needed and understand the temperature changes in the box in real time through the temperature display. This precise temperature control not only ensures the freshness and taste of food, but also avoids food deterioration caused by temperature fluctuations. At the same time, the TEC box also has good temperature uniformity, ensuring that the temperature in each area within the box remains consistent, thereby further improving the cold storage effect.
In addition to the above three aspects, the removable storage drawer design of the TEC box also has a positive impact on its cold storage effect. This design allows users to freely combine and configure the drawers as needed to accommodate items of different sizes. At the same time, the drawers are very easy to remove and install, making cleaning and maintenance easier. This flexibility not only improves the utilization of refrigeration space, but also helps maintain the stability of the temperature inside the box, thereby improving the cold storage effect.
In actual use, the cold storage effect of TEC boxes has been recognized by the majority of users. Whether you are a home user or an outdoor traveler, you can easily keep food fresh for a long time through the TEC box. In outdoor activities, TEC boxes have become indispensable refrigeration equipment, providing participants with fresh food and drinks.
Thermoelectric Coolerbox with Removable Storage Drawer demonstrates excellent cold storage effect with its advanced cooling technology, high-quality insulation materials, precise temperature control system and flexible removable storage drawer design. Whether it is for home users who pursue high-quality life or outdoor travelers who need to keep food fresh for a long time, TEC boxes are a trustworthy choice.